And there is salsa!

Preparing Salsa

After waiting for my husband to do it, it is, well, done! Look at this beautiful stuff!

Salsa before canningFirst, there are the tomatoes, of course, which are diced and mixed with whatever else is going into the salsa. Here my husband added cilantro, onions, jalapenos and habaneros peppers from our garden. After that, everything is mixed together in a bowl. Easy, right? My husband adds some lemon juice as well to keep the PH high.

Once it’s mixed together, we taste the freshness. It’s too fresh for me – too tomatoey, but I taste it anyway.

After that, it’s time to can. My husband goes through the boiling process twice. First he boils the jars to ensure they are as sanitary as possible on the inside. Then he fills them with the fresh salsa, puts on the lids, and boils them a second time to heat them all the way through, which ensures the salsa itself is safe.

The heat also is necessary to trigger the lids to seal properly. As the jars cool, the lids pop into place. The sealed jars and salsa inside will keep for quite some time. The first year is the time to enjoy it, because that’s when the food is still going to taste best.

Salsa after canningBut there’s no way our salsa lasts beyond even the first winter. 😉


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