Berries & Peas!

I think the two things we grow that go from plant to tummy fastest are our berries and peas. They’re our first harvest. Well, sort of… The moment we bring a handful of berries and peas into our home, my daughter asks for some. Trying to teach her to share is normal for this age, but I don’t blame her for wanting all the strawberries, but she’s after the sugar snap peas too!

I certainly don’t blame her. Few things taste better than fruits and veggies straight off the plant. We’ll indulge in a nibble or two while we’re weeding or harvesting, but we try to conserve everything for use in the house. The peas have made a great addition to various dishes this summer.

After the berries and peas…

It’s been very hot and humid out here, with a decent couple of days of storms every two weeks or so. Earlier in the summer, the sprinkler was our go-to for watering, but the storms are coming a little more regularly now. Everything has pretty much exploded into green! Temperatures have mostly lingered in the 90s since early June and the cornfields were already tall by the end of last month. Our various squashes are really thriving and I’m looking forward to seeing them later this year.

Not surprisingly, I’m looking forward to autumn. It’s always been my favorite season and summer my least favorite. I’m starting to feel that very fiery Leo transition now, perhaps because the Venus is in Leo or perhaps because the sun will be in it soon. Whatever it is, I feel Lughnassadh approaching. The seasonal cycles always have an affect on what I do and how I do it. For me, it’s very noticeable. When fall comes, I feel ready to gather and plan.

Maybe it’s a little premature to think about fall, but not for me. This is just how I respond to the natural ebb and flow of Mother Earth.

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