Watermelons & Marigolds

This year we tried two new things in our garden – watermelons and marigolds.


We’re dealing with a learning curve here since it’s our first time growing watermelons. These are Sugar Baby watermelons and it’s hit or miss as we learn whether or not they are ripe. From what we’ve read, they are ready when the stem turns brown. But we should wait about a week after it turns brown and make sure we are not watering the area.

Of course, we are concerned about the raccoons trying to get to these before they are fully ripe. They got to our cantaloupe two years ago – such a disappointment!


I’ve never been a fan of marigolds. That confession seems particularly terrible since my grandmother always planted them in her yard. I just never found them pretty. But now I have a newfound appreciation for them. First, they do add a nice bit of color to the garden. Second, they attract pollinators.

Marigolds supposedly repel squashbugs and tomato hornworms, among other “bad bugs.” I don’t know if that is true, but I haven’t seen bad bugs on our plants within the garden borders.

Everything is green and producing, which is exciting. We always get impatient this time of year, because our hard work is really showing results. It hard to believe we start anew this year with a huge hill of dirt and an ambitious idea to expand and enhance our garden. At the time, the idea was exciting, but the mountain of dirt was an overwhelming sight!

We’re really pleased with the results this year so far.

Lessons learned so far in garden 2017? plant more peas! Then again, we seem to tell each other we should do that every year and then forget we can plant peas concurrently. This year, we did plant more, though, and are looking forward to the next set of plants maturing.

Beetle Battles

Beetle invasions aren’t keeping our raspberries from putting out their best harvest ever! But the fight against the pests is ongoing. Now that I am a full time writer, I have also been able to devote more time to my garden, which includes dealing with the beetle problem. No more coming home from work too

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Our Garden – 2017

I am very proud to present our garden – the 2017 version! Previous iterations of our garden have been pretty modest. We went from this in 2015: To pretty much the same thing in 2016 (minus the corn): And our backyard used to look like this: What a disorganized mess of gardening and lawn care

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Keeping Busy During a Power Outage

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Letting Her Discover…

Discovery is part of childhood. So as much as I look at the pretty summer schedules people are putting together and think, “I should do that,” I won’t. Those schedules are tempting, though. Oh, so tempting! I admit that I love the idea of having structure in my day. Preferably for me, my children and

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Life My Way

Who doesn’t want to live their life, their way? “Living the dream.” I see this phrase too often and, to be honest, it annoys me. What is “the dream”? Is it meant facetiously? “The dream” sounds too authoritarian, as if there is only one kind of dream. I reject that notion and call on everyone

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Ladies: For some reason, 53% of white women who voted, voted for Trump. If you are a woman who voted for Trump, I do not understand your choice. I cannot understand why you excused his reprehensible misogynist behavior and attitude toward women, his racism and hatred of minorities, his mocking of those with disabilities, and

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New Year’s 2017

New Year’s 2017 is here and I’m looking back at how I went from fabulous England to the Midwestern prairies four years ago. 2013: I had a baby and my husband’s enlistment in the military ended. With no interest in re-enlisting, we moved from England back to the United States with an infant, no clue

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