When You Have a Cold… Makeup Monday

So this week I was going to do a post about my makeup look – yes, I have one! – but I caught a cold over the weekend. Blech.

I don’t know about you, but having a cold changes the way I care for my skin. I mean, everything is red and raw, uncomfortable, and product sting! If I’m really stuffy, I don’t even want to splash water on my face.  Heck, I don’t even want to shower, because it feels nice getting in, but awful getting out – just extra cold.

My beauty routine pretty much becomes non-existent when I’m sick. No rinsing, washing, or moisturizing. My best friend is Vicks VapoRub. Except I don’t put it on my chest. I dab it on my nose. It stings like crazy, but it is more effective than Vaseline at soothing the rawness.

There is, of course, another important beauty tip for when you’re sick: sleep. All the sleep! I hate to nap, so unless I’m really sick, I just try to get to bed earlier than usual. Other than that, I rest. I didn’t get out of bed most of the day Saturday and then I declared Sunday a “No Pants” day. I stayed in bed with plenty of entertainment. My husband brought me soup and I only got up to make tea or use the bathroom.

Being sick can really throw us out of our usual groove. I hate it, because I’m a busy woman. I don’t have time to be sick! But I think it’s better to spend a day or two in bed, and fully recover, than to push through the physical misery. So the takeaway for this Makeup Monday? Tis the season to get the sniffles, so be kind to yourself. Drink plenty of fluids (mmm, tea with lemon!) and eat your soup (preferably with tons of garlic). You’ll feel and look better if you rest when you’re sick, rather than push yourself.

No Foundation for Me: Makeup Monday

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Morning Routine: Makeup Monday

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Favorite Gardening Books

Gardening is a learned skill, which means gardening books are an essential for us. I mean, it would be nice if we could plant something and *voila!* It thrives. But gardening isn’t quite like that. So I like to have books on a variety of topics including how-to, technique, and ideas. This includes both vegetable

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Watermelons & Marigolds

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Beetle Battles

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