Building a Workshop: Framing Walls

The weather is steadily improving here, though we never really had a bad winter in the first place. It was cold and occasionally snowy, but mostly smooth sailing. Spring weather breezed in early and while the temperatures have fluctuated, we seem safe from threat of frost now. Somehow we managed to spend that time framing walls, though.

And it is finally done! This photo only shows three sides, but we completed the fourth wall this weekend. I simply haven’t photographed it yet.

Framing Walls

So how do you build the walls? Well, I can’t exactly give you a primer on framing walls, but it involved rebar and plenty of two-by-fours. We also had to build the appropriate spaces where the windows and doors would go.

The roof joists and trusses come next. My husband and neighbor have been working diligently every day on this project. I pitch in when time allows, mostly on the weekends. On Sunday, I got a bit of a sunburn from shoveling dirt back into place around the foundation, but it’s not too bad and I don’t mind. Mostly, I’m glad to have a neighbor who happily assists with the project! He works in construction and does things like this every day, so you would think he’d want to come home and relax – not work some more! Yes, I’ve given him a case of beer in gratitude, and I’m sure I will give him many more.

I hope the warmth is here to stay, because we’re ready to do more planting, this time directly in the garden. The pepper plants we kept indoors all winter are thriving and the herbs we planted for an early indoor start are doing quite well (mmm, fresh cilantro, oregano, parsley, and more!). Once the workshop is done, I plan to add a small greenhouse or claim a corner of the workshop as a gardening nook.

We’ll see how much changes as this week goes on. I’m looking forward to seeing the OSB board and housewrap added to the framing. I expect it will be even closer to completion by the end of this week. Also, I really can’t wait to get all the power tools out of my dining room, where they’ve been sitting for about three weeks now. 😉

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