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Health and wellness is very important to me. In the past year or so, I let myself get really unhealthy. First of all, I started drinking coffee. Second, I indulged in way too much free food. Third, when I got a promotion at work, I loosened the strings on the food budget and started eating too much fast food and candy. Oops.

So it’s back to eating well, not to mention making the time for focused exercise. It’s tricky when you work full time and then come home to a family who wants your attention, but I think we can all make time if we try.

Reclaiming Health and Wellness

First, I dropped the coffee. Most people like to point out that a little coffee is actually good for you and it has no calories. In my case, though, the stuff I fill my coffee with is not good for me and full of calories. I just can’t stomach the idea of black coffee. If I drink it, it has to at least be regular, but I prefer extra cream and extra sugar. And that stuff equals extra calories, not to mention sugar is just bad, bad, bad for you in large quantities. After all, the artificial stuff is addictive, so the more you have, the more you want. That was part of my problem – one cup of coffee soon became two, three, and sometimes even four. And that became extra pounds. Oops.

The next thing I did was stop eating all the delightful free food at work. This was even harder. I actually had to force myself to just walk out the door some days. Fortunately, on St. Patrick’s Day when someone brought in doughnuts, I took one look at the green doughnut and thought two things: Doughnuts look disgusting when dyed green and St. Patrick’s Day is a horrible holiday celebrating the oppression of an entire religion. So that turned me right off.

I also have been counting calories. I started off hardcore at 1,200 a day, but I was incredibly hangry, so I went to 1,400, which made a huge difference in my happiness. After two weeks of focusing only on healthy foods and treats, and keeping my indulgences to one day a week, it’s not as much of a challenge to avoid the coffee or sugar or any other junk food throughout the week.

Getting Exercise

What’s the point of cutting out the junk if you’re not going to work it off as well? Besides, I know – like all of us do – that cardio and strength workouts are essential to your complete fitness and well-being. For years I relied on yoga and dance, as well as the basics like push-ups, weight-lifting, kickboxing and boxing. These are my favorite work-outs, but after going back to working outside the home, it felt like I couldn’t make time for them.

I also wanted something new and different. From roughly 2006 through 2012, I got at least an hour a day of working out, if not more. I still love my workouts, but I didn’t want to do the same things every day, so I decided to try Pilates and did some research. I found Blogilates and I’ve pretty much been spreading the word ever since. Cassey Ho has a Beginner’s calendar with 24 days of workouts and brand new workout calendars each month. Don’t be fooled by the cute site and her peppy demeanor. I thought I was going to throw up every night for a week after working out, so that’s my endorsement.

After two weeks of her workouts, I felt much better doing them and decided I also needed to do something else. So I delved into my favorite TV series – Shimmy. I have both seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and love them. One or two episodes plus Blogilates equals about an hour workout.

Health and wellness is something all of us can strive toward. It’s just a matter of making time!

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