Keeping Busy During a Power Outage

We had quite a lengthy power outage last weekend. Tis the season for summer storms to roll through the country. Our severe thunderstorm on Friday night included two tornadoes that did terrible damage about 20 minutes north of us. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

Our house is in a bit of a valley, nestled between two hills, with even more hills to our east and west. So we don’t experience as much wind damage here, but we still take proper storm precautions. Remember, living between hills or in mountains is not a guarantee of protection from tornadoes or storm damage, though!

On Friday, our power flickered off at 8:05 p.m. and we were without it for about 18 hours. Some people, north of us, went without for even longer.

It’s a fact of life that Mother Nature can sometimes hit hard. So what is there to do when there’s no power for a long period of time? Goodness knows boredom sets in easily, especially when you’re stuck inside because it’s storming outside or it’s night time. Here are some ideas.

Power Outage Activities

  • Have a conversation – that’s right, face to face, without social media or a mobile phone. My husband and I spent a good 30 minutes just talking about the storm while he sat in the rocking chair and I lay on the sofa, my feet propped up on the back of it.
  • Play charades or tell ghost stories – or do anything you might do around a campfire.
  • Meditate – day or night, a power outage is the perfect time to re-establish your connection to spirit, nature, etc.
  • Read a book – this is a pretty obvious choice, though more difficult at night if you’re relying on candlelight. So try to remember to always keep your ereader charged in case you need entertainment during a nighttime storm.
  • Cross-stitch, knit, crochet – any craft, really! Perfect for the morning after a storm.
  • Make a puzzle or play a game – another activity that is better during the day than at night and great if the rain isn’t letting up anytime soon.
  • Garden – once the storm is over, you might as well get outside to look for damage. Also a wet ground is easier to pull weeds out of.
  • Clean and/or declutter the house – this is a productive way to keep boredom from setting in during the day. Our house needed it badly. We cleaned from about breakfast until after lunch time, and got rid of many items. The result above makes me very happy – so much less clutter in our house.

Here is a wonderful list of activities to try with your kids during a power outage, any time of the year.

We live in such an interconnected world that sometimes we forget how blissful it is to go without a constant internet connection. So while a power outage might inconvenience us, it can be a good experience if we use those hours wisely.


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