Lifestyle Wednesday: Winter!

Not everybody is keen on winter, but I love it. Even when I grumble about it being cold and drafty (a problem we are rectifying this year with renovations!), I still love winter!

Winter is my second favorite season, right after fall (how very basic of me, I know). Spring is nice and I could live without summer. Oh, I do enjoy seeing the heron and hearing the bullfrogs croak, but I’d be perfectly happy if the temperature never went above 75 degrees. Of course, life isn’t perfect, so I make the most of fall and winter.

I actually enjoy shoveling snow. That is one of my favorite activities. When my husband and I got married in late December, it was a very snowy winter. We were staying at his mother’s house and I voluntarily went outside to shovel. Everyone was pretty much appalled that I was out there, alone, a woman shoveling heavy snow. Of course, I loved it! Maybe it’s because I’m a New Englander and grew up with snow, but the stuff doesn’t really faze me.

We got a few inches of snowfall over the past two days and part of the fun of that was buying wood. Another thing I’m sure you think is crazy, but I absolutely love buying wood for the fireplace, hauling it into the truck, driving it home, and then hauling it into the house just as the flakes start falling.

There’s nothing like having a roaring fire to warm the house. It helps supplement the heat and gives the living room a cozy glow. The entire family loves the warmth and the ambiance. You certainly can’t have that in the summer!

It helps that my husband convinced me that we needed a pick-up truck. In 2015, we got a gently used, fairly new Dodge Ram and I am in love with the Big Beautiful Blue Beast, as I have dubbed it. It’s comfortable, it’s convenient (remote starter!), and spacious. It makes getting around on snow and ice much easier. Of course, I still drive with due diligence and caution. Four-wheel-drive is not an excuse to act like an idiot. If it’s snowing, I slow down and take my time. Trust me when I say I’ve seen enough trucks in ditches to know 4WD doesn’t make me invincible!

It’s also so convenient for hauling not just firewood, but plywood, lumber, drywall, and other things we need for our renovation. Now that the workshop is done, we’ve moved our focus to the house itself and – hoo boy! – there’s plenty to do. I certainly couldn’t do that kind of hauling or bad-weather driving in the Dodge Magnum aka the Pimp Tank. It’s a lovely car, very spacious, and has a convenient roof rack, but it’s not really good in snow, even with new tires.

Sure, I could have listened to my husband when he suggested we move somewhere like Arizona or Mexico or Cuba (all still very desirable ideas), but I told him I would miss autumn and winter. Besides, I think he’d get homesick, even living in an exotic location. The idea is probably more attractive than the reality (plus, if I had to choose anywhere else, it would be Canada, England, Scotland, or Ireland for me, thanks; and if it had to be somewhere warmer? Italy, dude).

But cold as it is (clocking in at 15 degrees at the moment, which is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday!), I have absolutely no desire to give up my winters, to trade in my heavy duty, sherpa-lined, fur-hooded work coat and snow boots for beaches and palm trees. I just don’t.

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