No Foundation for Me: Makeup Monday

Foundation is touted as an important step in a makeup routine. Why is that? Because our skin is imperfect.

For me, oil and enlarged pores are the main culprits that used to make me wish I could get a face transplant. The 80s were a time of trying to hide or strip away oils from our skin. All anyone who knew me wanted to do was fix my oily skin. Back then, the way they tried to fix it was with harsh cleansers and toner. Do you remember toner? We don’t really use that as much anymore. It’s not the wonder product, but I’ll never forget Sea Breeze commercials! If you don’t remember toner, it was an alcohol-based liquid you would rub on your face with a cotton ball to get rid of dirt and oil. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Of course! It was extremely harsh and it didn’t necessarily help your skin.

The 90s were a little better, with a whole slew of oil control products and mattifying products. Why were they better? Because they weren’t trying to strip away or natural oils quite as much. Dab away or hide the oil, but not eradicate it entirely. By then we had learned that stripping oils increases real production, and there’s just no way to end the cycle. If anything, you make it worse by over-cleansing your skin. So if you don’t want to be oily don’t take away those oils. You’ll just be oilier. More oily? Anyway! Now we know that cleansing to much or too harshly is an actual thing.

Well, so is over-makeuping.

I find foundation too fake. You could put on the best foundation in the world for your skin type and color, and I feel like it still looks fake. Skin naturally has variations to color and tone and texture. Foundation doesn’t account for that, instead promising a smooth photo finish that everyone wants. But let’s be real: You aren’t going to get a smooth photo finish in real life. You’re going to get that by editing your photos after the fact. Now, I do believe foundation is great for when you want to have a photo session, such as this picture I took here. However for day-to-day life, it’s just not practical for me.

Like hair dye, it just temporarily conceals imperfections… that really aren’t all that bad in the first place.  

Also, I just hate the way it looks. A foundation that conceals well looks unnatural to me. It doesn’t matter who it’s on. A more sheer foundation just doesn’t do the job. So why bother? Answer: I don’t. I prefer powder foundations that are light and fluffy. They don’t hide anything, per se, but even out skin tone and control shine. I f there’s something I really want to hide, I use concealer and blend the heck out of it.

So what works for everyday use? I think it depends. Some people love their foundation. They can’t live without it. Me? I just feel like my skin can’t breathe and I’m constantly wondering if it looks right, if someone else is noticing it, if it’s clogging my pores, if it’s wearing off, etc. It’s just not worth the trouble. But I do have a makeup routine I’m comfortable with, that I feel is natural and enhances my assets. I’ll get into that next time, though. 😉

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