Renewing Our Prosperity Jar

When we moved here in the summer of 2013, we had it rough. I mean rough. We struggled to get settled in and that included financial challenges. A realistic food budget for us was $50 a week, if that. So while we penny-pinched and tried to make the most of what we had, we also added a magickal touch ~ a prosperity jar.

The prosperity jar is not a savings jar or a rainy day fund. It is not meant for spending. It is a spell specifically to draw in prosperity.

We are Pagans after all, but what does that even mean? For us, one form of putting our intentions and needs out into the universe is through spells. The natural follow-up to a spell is action, of course. It makes zero sense to say, “Dear Universe, please send me lots of money.” It makes much more sense to let the universe know you need something, create a symbol for that need, and then work on fulfilling it.

The Prosperity Jar

This mason jar became home to symbols of abundance – leftover candlewax from the prosperity spell, thread from a cross-stitch project in progress (the reasoning for this being a cross-stitched piece is an extraneous item that beautifies our home, so it symbolizes having a luxury that I worked for, since I made it by hand), and several coins. The first dollar bill followed shortly after that.

Once our financial challenges eased a little, I “fed” the jar more coins or dollar bills to keep it fresh. Each time we reached a certain point where money was less of a fear for us, we added to it.

Lately, there have not been any challenges. But there also have not been any rewards. This jar has been in effect since late summer/early fall of 2013, so I decided it’s time for a reset.

First, I removed all the currency from it. This currency is to be spent or put in the bank. It is not to be returned to the jar. The string and wax will be burned in the firepit.

The next step will be to place the jar in the light of the full moon on September 16, though preferably all three days of the full moon. The intention of this is to cleanse the jar. I will probably add a stone inside the jar to absorb any remaining, lingering energy from the spell.

Finally, I will start a new jar, with new intentions and goals, and new items, and begin a new cycle of prosperity.

Renewing Our Prosperity Jar

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