Simple Living

Simple living is a conscious decision I’ve made. Why? How did I get to this point in my life?

Some people find it inconceivable that I could possibly live near a large city, but have very little knowledge of it. I’ve lived near it for 2 1/2 years and, yes, I have not really explored it. Why is that? Why have I only ventured into Omaha for a couple of sci-fi/fantasy/anime conventions, a couple Pagan Pride Day events, the zoo, and a rock concert? With all the attractions, why haven’t I taken advantage of all this wonderful city has to offer?

Omaha really is a wonderful city. Like Boston, where I spent so much of the 1990s, it has a huge variety of events, cultural attractions, sports, history, and so much more. I love that it takes only 30 minutes to drive up the highway to one of the exits that brings me into Omaha and to its attractions.

But there are two reasons we don’t go to Omaha very often. First, when we moved here we didn’t have the expendable cash for such trips. Being thrifty was the priority and it still is. For us, the “good life” doesn’t necessarily entail a 30-45 minute drive to a restaurant for dinner, followed by shopping or shows. Our priorities are fixing up our home, cultivating our little mini-farm, raising our kids, and indulging our hobbies, none of which require visits to any city.

Second, I’m just citied out, folks. I’m so much happier in the country.

Simple Living – Goodbye City, Hello Country

It’s just time for me to be here, to slow everything down and focus on what makes me happy. I thrive on peace, quiet, creativity, beauty, and the slower pace where I live. I get my dose of busy at work and I love that too, but I enjoy that it is balanced out by living in the country. At the end of the day, my entire body goes “aaah” when I cross the county line as I drive home. And, hey, I don’t blame it one bit. 🙂

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