Simply Friday

I’ve been meaning to start some “Simply Friday” posts for about 3 months now. Ha. Life isn’t that simple, though, so I’ve been pretty bad about following through on my own plans. We’ll see if that changes.

The idea of living simply, even minimalistically (to an extent) really appeals to me. I’m not much for “stuff.” I like having books and cross-stitching materials, and that’s pretty much it. I like cooking from pantry staples and not worrying about keeping up with anyone else around me.

My husband is the opposite, to the extent that he’s a video game collector. Besides the fact that consoles and games are costly, they take up a lot of space and all I see around me is clutter. Argh! Now, I love the video games as much as he does. I’m an avid player of Sims 3, Civ 5, Don’t Starve, Starbound, GTA V, and other games. But the majority of those are run on the Steam platform, so they only thing I have taking up space are my Sims 3 CDs.

I also don’t care for knick knacks or stuffed animals or figurines. They’re just clutter, as far as I’m concerned. I could really do without all the extra stuff. I could do without all the clutter. But that’s tricky when you’re married to someone who collects something big, that takes up space! So what’s a family to do?

Well, I hope to figure out the answer to that in 2018, not to mention look at various aspects of living simply, including frugal living or making things look fancy, but with minimal items for effect. Does all of that make sense? I hope so, because I’m trying to figure it out for myself. 😉

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