The Goddess Path

Since childhood, I have followed the goddess path as part of my spiritual journey. I have been a priestess of Green/Hedge Witchcraft who has been practicing since 1984. As former High Priestess to a coven on the east coast, I have passed on the knowledge received in my years of study and training, synthesizing it into a new tradition. My writing has been featured in “Witches & Pagans” (f.k.a. “newWitch”), “The Beltane Papers,” “If… A Journal of Spiritual Exploration” (f.k.a. “PagaNet News”) , and many other publications. I specialize in and teach workshops on meditation and pathworking, as well as my tradition of Green Witchcraft.

Life on The Goddess Path

Below are my posts that are relevant to the goddess path and the principles I embrace in daily life.

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