Tomatoes Everywhere!

Those who know me know I absolutely despise tomatoes. I hate everything about them – both their taste and their texture. Over the years, many people have tried to get me to eat a tomato, thinking I was exaggerating my loathing and disgust. But I assure you, I abhor them. I’ve sampled tomatoes as both a child and an adult, and I just can’t stomach them. The only thing worse is mushrooms. Ick.

So, yes, I hate tomatoes.

Except as marinara sauce, pasta sauce, ketchup, picante sauce and – one of my favorites – salsa. The tomatoes must be diced super small, if not be completely liquefied. They must have all tomato-y taste cooked out of them or disguised by other flavors. It took a long time for me to even try pasta sauce, but once I realized it didn’t taste like fresh tomato, I was alright with it. And my favorite salsa is definitely the super smooth kind that tastes more like cilantro than anything else.

My husband is the one who comes up with all the fantastic recipes we eat. He is also our dehydrating and canning expert. Well, not an expert, per se, but the man does know how to make beef jerky, pickles and quite a few varieties of salsa, just to name a few. I appreciate the fact that he enjoys these endeavors, especially since I get to taste the results! Homemade salsa paired with warm, freshly fried tortilla chips is a delicious treat on one of our marathon video gaming nights.

Our tomatoes are blooming and ripening like mad right now, so this is the perfect time of year for more of that homemade salsa. As soon as the first green globe grew on the vine, I got my husband fresh canning lids for his mason jars.

Now I just have to wait and ask, “Did you make salsa yet? Did you make salsa yet? Did you make salsa yet?”

Do you love tomatoes? Hate tomatoes? What’s your favorite thing to do with tomatoes?

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