Witchy Wednesday: Preparing for Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Technically, the holiday is today.  However, we are celebrating on Saturday since we had to wait for a few items for the ritual.

I love Lughnasadh because it is the first of the harvest holidays, the one that tells us fall is approaching. Yes, we still have long, lazy days of summer ahead of us. But school begins soon, the bullfrogs have settled down, the fish aren’t as frisky, and the low buzz of cicadas has quieted.

We’ve enjoyed harvesting more raspberries than ever, not to mention peas, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. The first tomatoes have turned orangey-red, the watermelon are almost ripe, and the corn and butternut squash get larger by the day.

We will make sourdough bread starter as part of this year’s holiday ritual. I bought a cheesecloth to cover the bowl and Rowan is very excited. Sourdough starter is easy to make and feed. All it takes is water and whole-wheat flour. Mother Earth Living recently had an issue featuring starter that we’re going to try. Their website also has several sourdough bread recipes once your starter is established. Rowan loves to cook and can’t wait to help make, stir, and feed the starter. This is my first time making a starter or trying sourdough, so I’m also looking forward to it. Mother Earth Living also goes over the health benefits of sourdough bread on their website.

Lughnasadh Ritual

For this year’s ritual, we are looking at hopes, dreams, and goals. Each of us have placed something on the altar that represents a talent we hope to nurture and better this year. This is because Lughnasadh is named after the god, Lugh, who had many talents and abilities. The celebration depends on the family or coven. Some compete in games, both physical and mental. I like to balance both the talent/ability and harvest aspect of the holiday.

It’s a wonderful time to reaffirm our goals for the year and recommit ourselves to seeing them through.

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