My fiction is all about fantasy in the everyday, specifically contemporary and historical fantasy, often rooted in the supernatural. I love writing non-fiction as well, especially about my niche hobbies and interests (steampunk – check! Genealogy – coming soon! Witchcraft – working on it!). I have also contributed to the paranormal comic book, “The Necropolis Chronicles.” My books are available from the usual retailers. Here is a taste of what I’ve written:


Steampunk for Simpletons: A Fun Primer for Folks Who Aren't Sure What Steampunk is All AboutSteampunk for Simpletons: A Fun Primer for Folks Who Aren’t Sure What Steampunk is All About

New folks discover steampunk every day, and often their first question is, “What is steampunk?”, and their second question is, “What do steampunks do?”.

Steampunk For Simpletons starts with those questions and expands outward to cover a plethora of topics. We give a primer followed by a guided tour through the world of steampunk, from the basics such as where to go and what to do, to the aesthetic of the arts within steampunk.

Travis I. Sivart and Wendy L. Callahan are both published steampunk authors. Though they do not claim to be the ultimate or complete authority in this beloved genre, they wrote this book hoping to help new folks find their way into the hobby, or help others expand their knowledge of the aesthetic. They also drew upon the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom of many others (like their cats) from the steampunk community, making their book an inclusive and cooperative work.


The Pain Maiden by Wendy L. Callahan - contemporary fantasy fictionThe Pain Maiden

Small-town life suits Jinx Jennings… until the night she meets Griffin and learns the truth about her parentage. Now she’s dealing with strange new abilities that are more of a curse than a blessing, an affectionate guardian who was only supposed to be a one-night stand, and some very determined deities. Can Jinx learn to survive in this strange new world, or will her mysterious power be her undoing?

The Heartbreaking Half-Life of Harper Marwick by Wendy L. Callahan - gaslamp fantasy fictionThe Heartbreaking Half-Life of Harper Marwick

The Medical Society requests the pleasure of your company as it presents the journals of the esteemed vampire and physician, Dr. Dunham. These brief entries chronicle his theories and observations of his immortal progeny, Miss Harper Marwick, and her descent into despair.


The Gossamer Gate by Wendy L. Callahan - contemporary fantasy fictionThe Gossamer Gate

Nine years ago, Khiara committed a grave offense against the fae, a crime for which she is destined to pay the price. When a faerie prince intent on revenge returns to seek retribution against her, she is pulled into the Otherworld against her will. She is given a quest: she has nine days to locate the gate that will allow her to return to the mortal world.

But the laws of the capricious fae are calculated to work against mortals and keep them trapped forever in their realm. There is temptation at every turn, and even if Khiara does not give in, there is still a chance that the devious prince will go back on his word.

For the fae may change the rules of the game on a whim, and the prince has already set a seemingly impossible condition on Khiara’s quest for freedom…

The Chronos Clock by Wendy L. Callahan - steampunk fantasyThe Chronos Clock

In 1892 Victorian London, Demetra Ashdown is a half-daemon with the ability to locate and draw Aetheric artifacts to her. When her former fiancé’s valet is held hostage and will only be released in exchange for a device with the power to control time, she must act quickly to save a man’s life. Armed with only her razor-edged fan and equally sharp wit, she feels it is her duty to ensure that the potentially-devastating device does not fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to this dilemma, she must determine if she both trusts and loves the man to whom she was once betrothed. Lord Francis Winterton not only broke her heart, but also appears to have betrayed her to the ruthless people in search of this powerful artifact. With close friend and inventor Simon Warom at her side, Demetra begins her adventure: the hunt for the clock that will save the life of the valet, and thus prevent Francis from transgressing the limits of fashionable good taste.

The Daemon Device by Wendy L. Callahan - steampunk fantasyThe Daemon Device

Saving the world from power-obsessed madmen is all in a day’s work for half-daemon artifact hunter Demetra Ashdown. It’s her potential mother-in-law who proves most vexing. Yet, Demetra is determined to charm her, even if that means a journey around the world for answers to the most perplexing questions, such as what is the difference between infernals, like herself, and celestials, like her fiancé, Francis? Can they marry, despite being from disparate bloodlines? And just how much lemon cake does it take to keep Demetra happy?

Whether by railway, steamer, or airship, Demetra and Francis will not rest until they can allay Lady Winterton’s concerns about their union. Nor will they realize the unimaginable discovery or danger to which their inquiries will lead until a chance meeting leads to a long overdue reunion…